Black Friday History: Statistic & Prediction Black Friday

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Black Friday, the day that comes after the US Thanksgiving day, is the beginning of the shopping event that sees many people coming together and seizing the opportunity to get discounted products. Black Friday is celebrated on the fourth weekend of November, which usually lies between 22nd November to 29th November. This year, Black Friday will occur on 24th November 2023. The Busiest day is not a one-day event but when clubbed with the weekend becomes a 4 days event which entices more and more potential buyers to come and grab the offers. On this day, the business hours are usually expanded till midnight and sometimes the stores remain open overnight and commence the sale at midnight where people see the plethora of offers ranging from Clothing to cosmetics and every other product from different retailers.

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The Black Friday Sale 2023 – Discount Offers

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Before the offers, Read the history associated with Black Friday and Black Friday Statistics, Something you might be familiar with or not or Something you can brag about.

BlackFriday History: Things you should know!

Black Friday History: The Evolution of Black Friday is not Something in context with Shopping and offers. The Black Friday History is marked with some financial crisis on 24th September 1869 in the  US Gold Market. Two Wall Street Financiers, Jay Gould, and Jim Fisk destroyed the US Gold Market. First, the purchased the entire gold. Thus, there was a hike in gold prices. Then, they sold gold at higher prices. This brought them hefty profits. Since this came out on Friday, it was said to be Black Friday.

Another History is usually concerned with the Black Fridaybecauset in the state of Philadelphia, traffic congestion and amassed pedestrian crowd erupts much chaos after Thanksgiving. This is dated 1950.

Another story that goes beyond the financial crisis is that the retailers, on the day after Thanksgiving move from “red” to Black” in their accounting books. A huge crowd gathers to shop, the retailers find themselves in the profit earning situation. This is what “Black” indicates i.e the position to make the profit, while the “Red” indicates the loss. While maintaining the accounting records, they move from red to black indicating the profits. 

Black Friday: Statistics

While Black Friday offers plentiful and exciting deals to grab, we have penned down Black Friday Statistics about how much amount of money people blow off during the 4-day long shopping event.

Check out the Black Friday statistics listed below:

  • In 2023, Black Frida,y including Thanksgiving Day and the following day, accumulated 7.9 billion dollars in an online sale.
  • Out of 7.9 billion dollars, Thanksgiving day contribution was 5.3 billion dollars. While Black Friday contributes 2.87 billion dollars.
  • In a comparison drawn, the spending on Black Friday in 2023 was 17.9% higher than the previous year i.e 2019.
  • Thanksgiving saw 12.5 million online transactions while Black Friday beats it with 13 million online transactions.

Black Friday Predictions

This year, people can expect a lot of offers and amazing deals on Black Friday 2023. People have already started predicting events for Black Friday. Penning down some of the Black Friday 2023 predictions that people can expect this year to happen:

  • E-commerce to set an unprecedented record.
  • Smart Home products to see the largest growth.

Feel free to reach us out, if you want to know more about the Black Friday History, Black Friday Statistics, and Black Friday offers. Do drop your comments below in the comments section, we will be glad to provide you with some worthy information.

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