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Black Friday in July 2019 – Well, if you were thinking about Amazon Prime Day to be your sole choice to get all your shopping done, you got it wrong. To be honest, most of us are familiar with Amazon Prime Day that spring up in the mid of July. No doubt Amazon has set this trend and is continuously hosting the event since 2015. Amazon Prime Day has turned out to be an enormous success for the store. Seeing the glory and growth of Amazon, the rest of the stores have started to come out by bringing sirenic deals and offers in the same month.

Black Friday in July

Black Friday in July is comparatively a new concept but its huge success kept it growing with each year passing by. Usually “Black Friday in July” falls near to the Amazon Prime Day and sometimes run through the entire weekend. While Amazon was the exclusive store who astute the situation to turn in its favor. No wonder why other stores started competing as well.

While Amazon Prime Day Deals focuses to benefit the prime members only, there is no such concept of prime and non-prime members during Black Friday in July. What’s more interesting is that you don’t need to have a subscription of prime membership to access the deals.

History Black Friday in July

Amazon has led the foundation of Black Friday in July when the store opted to run its first-ever Amazon Prime Day Deals in 2015. Their only focus remained on Prime Members. Only those members who have the subscription to prime membership can dig out the advantage of Amazon Prime Day Deals. With the aim of generating more revenue than they normally do during Black Friday, Amazon came up with this great idea of Amazon Prime Day Deals.

For many retailers, the idea about Amazon Prime Day Deals did not sound well. As an attack on the Amazon, Plenty of stores came up with their own deals and gave a cutthroat competition to Amazon. The interesting thing was that it just did not stop here.

Walmart, Forever21, Group on and a lot more came ahead to compete with Amazon and many times, their deals would run through the Amazon Prime Day weekend and sometimes beyond the weekend.

From clothing to home decor products, electronics to kitchen essential, grabbing your favourite product did not feel like off limits.

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The growth of Black Friday in July

Black Friday in July has seen substantial and significant growth over the years. With each year, the rivalry has intensified and thus, retailers try hard to vie for the money of the shoppers. Let’s dig out the growth and the past trends of Black Friday in July.

  • In 2015- For the first time, In a Press Release Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime stated that Prime Day is a one-day-only event filled with more deals than Black Friday. The announcement of Amazon Prime Day Deals created a hype in the city and there was no ending to growing hubbub among the shoppers and retailers. Without any further delay, Walmart decided to run its own deals at the same time. Some of the other retailers joined the list and ran their own sales including BestBuy, Groupon and Forever 21.
  • In 2016- While, this year, the competition was not limited to these retailers. Many more retailers sprung up and intensified the competition. Macy’s was one such store that did not want to leave behind and landed up in the competition by bringing out 25 percent off and free shipping deals. Stores like JC Penny, Dell heavily discounted their products to entice the shoppers.
  • In 2017- This year, Black Friday in July witnessed considerable growth. More players joined the game and took it to another level. One such store was Belk and the store brought 20 percent off. Sears and E-bay were other big giants to join this game of deals and offers.
  • In 2018- Last year, Black Friday in July was bigger than ever. Plenty of stores brought out sirenic deals at the beginning of July. Stores like Best Buy and eBay ran their sale during the Amazon Prime Day weekend which obviously gave cutthroat competition to Amazon Prime Day Deals. While Dell ran the deals on laptops, desktops for about 19 days that continued beyond the Amazon Prime Day weekend.

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Anticipated Deals for Black Friday in July 2019

While the return of Black Friday has not been confirmed but it is sure to happen around Amazon Prime Day Deals. Wait! While there will be plenty of stores that won’t let you wait till the arrival Amazon Prime Day Deals and will roll out deals in the initial days of July. Here’s the list of deals that you can grab during Black Friday in July 2019.

  • Electronics– While Black Friday is usually considered as the best time to grab deals on electronics, there is no denying in the fact that Black Friday deals in July are quite appealing. With the stores like Amazon, Walmart considerably slashes their prices of the electronics products which definitely justifies the reason to splurge money on electronic deals.
  • Apparels- Deals on clothing and accessories will be quite enticing during Black Friday deals in July. So, if you are really wondering about stocking up clothes, here’s your chance to get it done. With plenty of clothing deals rolling out, the dilemma to choose among them rests on you.

Last Year’s Black Friday in July Deals

And in case if you were wondering about what deals were offered last year and what made it a huge success, make sure that you have a glance at the below table.

Store Deals Category
Dell up to 40 per cent Laptops, desktop
eBay Over 100 deals at $199 Electronic, clothing and accessories
GameStop up to 50 per cent off Games and accessories
Macy’s Extra 25 per cent off on markdown prices Clothing, shoes, jewellery, kitchen essentials
Overstock up to 70 percent off Home improvement essentials

These were some of the most popular deals. Besides this, there were other plenty of stores that came big with their deals and offers including Target, Sears and a lot more.

Final Verdict

Well, Black Friday in July has turned out to be the successful event for retailers and all thanks to Amazon for their first-ever Amazon Prime Day Deals. No doubt the deals during this time are appealing and one could easily fall for it. This does not mean that you shop all your wishlist during this time. Waiting till the actual Black Friday sale can be awarded. You might witness more discounts on your favorite products.

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Meanwhile, if you can’t really fight back with the urge of shopping, you can snag up deals on TVs only if it is in your wishlist. If you really wish to avail more discounts, we advise you to wait till the actual Black Friday sales arrive. More and more retailers will join, which means, the rivalry is sure to be intensified, which means more advantages and privileges to customers.

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