Black Friday 2019 – When is Black Friday 2019 and Why is it Called Black Friday? | Latest Deals On Black Friday Sale

Black Friday 2019 Sale

Black Friday is “the day after Thanksgiving Day” celebrated in the United States. Being the most bustling day in the US and now in the UK as well, Black Friday is not a federal holiday but is a public holiday in some states. This year Black Friday is on November 29th, 2019. This shopping event is used to describe a “Pre-Christmas” day of high commercial sales.

Black Friday 2019 Sale is one of the most important shopping events around the world and this year, it is going to be bigger and better than ever. Many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanksgiving and the following Friday (Black Friday) off, which, along with the following regular weekend, makes it a four-day weekend, thereby increasing the number of potential shoppers. Check out the latest Black Friday Ads, store hours, biggest deals, and everything you need to know about Black Friday Sale.

Black Friday 2019 – Deals & Discount Offers

Here we have encapsulated Black Friday 2019 Sale for our readers under various categories. You can buy anything with Free Shipping from the below links. (*No Minimum Purchase required*)

Beauty and Personal CareGet Deals
ComputersGet Deals
ElectronicsGet Deals
Men’s FashionGet Deals
Women’s FashionGet Deals
Health and HouseholdGet Deals
Home and KitchenGet Deals
Toys and GamesGet Deals
Sports and OutdoorsGet Deals

When Is Black Friday 2019?

Every year, Black Friday befalls on fourth Friday of November and the following day after Thanksgiving. Talking about this year, Thanksgiving is bound to happen on 28th November which means that this year,  Black Friday 2019 will fall on 29th November 2019. There will be deals that will be offered by retailers until the last minutes of Black Friday and till Cyber Monday.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The term “Black Friday” has two relevant meanings. The more contemporary meaning refers to the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, which is a day full of special shopping deals and heavy discounts. It is considered as the kickoff of the whole shopping season.

In history, Black Friday was a stock market catastrophe that took place on Sept. 24, 1869. On that day, after a period of rampant speculations, the price of gold plummeted and the markets crashed.

Some even call it the “Black Friday” to pay homage to the word “black”  which refers to being profitable. This reference dates back to the times of the old bookkeeping practice of recording profits in black ink and losses in red ink.

Trending Black Friday 2019 Deals

TV DealsHome Decor Deals
Electronic DealsCamera Deals
Clothing DealsKitchen Appliances

While Black Friday deals will be continued for the long weekend but there are some deals that get run out of stock as soon as they go live. Here, we have listed down some of the trendy deals that are usually the most sought after and draw the attention of shoppers:

  • TV Deals – Black Friday TV deals are most popular and in fact, these deals top the list of the best seller. During the event, the stores will announce amazing deals on TV ranging from the basic model to high-end TV. You can grab deals on top brands including Samsung, LG, Toshiba and experience the high definition. There’s much more to these TVs than entertainment.


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  • Home Decor Deals – Thanks to the Black Friday deals happening, its time to redo your home interiors. With plenty of products across the Home Decor category, grabbing the deals can be startling and confusing. So, stick around with us during the sale. No matter what you are looking for, we have got you covered right here.

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  • Camera Deals – Bring out the passionate photographer in you and stay years ahead of your schedule. Let your every capture say thousands of words and inspire people. Find deals on top cameras including DSLRs and choose from the most exciting range on top brands including Sony, Canon, Nikon and lots of other brands and see your savings piling up.


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  • Clothing Deals – Upon the arrival of Black Friday 2019, If we talk about fashion deals, especially Clothing deals, are ubiquitous. With that said, Black Friday is the perfect time to own a new pair of shirts or T-shirts while snagging up huge discounts. Connect with us as we bring you the best deals from your favorite stores.

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Black Friday History and Statistics

Long before Black Friday came to be termed referred to as the biggest shopping event of the US, it had another meaning. Black Friday was used to referring to the financial crisis in the US gold market. Because of two ruthlessly notorious Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk who worked to buy up the nation’s gold. This led to bankruptcy.

After operating at a loss for an entire year, holiday shoppers blew tremendous bulks of money on discounted merchandise a day after Thanksgiving. And the retailers used black ink to record profits whereas they used red ink to pen down losses. Although this story behind the Black Friday tradition is inaccurate, it is, however, an officially sanctioned one.

Black Friday Statistics: Black Friday 2019

According to a pre-holiday survey this year by the National Retail Federation, an estimated 135.8 million Americans definitely plan to shop over the Thanksgiving weekend (58.7% of those surveyed), though even more (183.8 million, or 79.6 percent) said they would or might take advantage of the online deals offered on Cyber Monday.

What Is Black Friday in July?

Why wait for a complete year, when you can have a bit of party in the midway. Black Friday in July is a miniature version of the Black Friday 2019 Sale. Not all the stores but major stores release deals and discounts during the month. Including the 4th of July Sale, Black Friday in July becomes quite an event on its own. Whooping discounts on TV Deals, Electronics, Apparels, Jewelry, Coffee Makers, etc. is currently available. Watch out for the best deals this Black Friday in July 2019.

Black Friday Deals For Bloggers

If you are a blogger and want to move new SEO, Marketing, Themes, Hosting then Black Friday 2019 i.e. 29th November 2019 is the day for you.

HostGator Black Friday Sale
IPage Black Friday And Cyber Monday  2019 Deals
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Pre-Black Friday 2019 – Popular Deals and Ads

Looking to shop around before this monstrous shopping event even begins? Outsmart other people when they are busy in making their bucket list while you tick off yours when you shop before the Black Friday Event begins. There are some websites that provide Pre-Black Friday Deals that are worth purchasing so you won’t have to regret later. Check out Black Friday Ads from various retailers & stores here:

Amazon Hobby Lobby Walmart Meijer BestBuy TJ Maxx

Pre – Black Friday 2019 – Stores

 StaplesTrue ValueBelk
Big LotsHarbor FreightFry’s
Dick’s Sporting GoodsGAPAC Lens
Airsoft StationYetiIKEA
Academy Sports OutdoorsTargetAdam & Eve
ZoroAmerican Eagle OutfittersBath & Body Works
Nike StoreMacy’sH&M
Old NavySmart ScaleAshford
DysonNikonDollar General
BurlingtonGander MountainBass Pro
Lowe’sA MattressUlta

Popular Things To Buy On Sale

Black Friday 2019, one of the biggest shopping event, offers plenty of lucrative offers and deals that you might not want to lose. The Doorbuster strategy the retailers use can land you in troubles as well and you might regret later. Introspect yourselves and answer If the discount the retailers are offering is bringing any heavy difference between the prices that you can get during the rest of the year? Are the products really worth buying? Sometimes, “Heavy Discount” becomes a trap and you find yourselves trapped in it doing nothing to escape.

To avoid such troubles, we are penning down some of the Best Items and Worst items for Black Friday:

Electronics: We are living in an era, where technology has outsmarted human beings. Every day we hear about the new innovations in laptops, mobiles, Cameras, Television. Black Friday 2019 becomes an unbeatable time when you are going to buy such premium smartphones and gadgets. Eminent and Renowned Companies slashes their price up to 40 percent and you can not stop yourselves from seizing the Best Black Friday deals.

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Kitchen Appliance: Grab the best deals on kitchen appliances with us. Whether you are looking for a coffee maker or microwave, you can easily snap up huge bargains. With plenty of offers, price cuts on your favorite appliances, you will bump into incredible savings on your purchase when you shop during the event.

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Travel and Vacation Package:  For those travelers who wish to make the most of this holiday seasons, there will be plenty of travel companies rolling out deals on complete travel packages including air tickets and hotel bookings. Expedia, skyscrapers are just a few of the companies that will slash the price of their travel package.

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Get more deals on Traveling products.

Furniture:  If it feels like your ragged furniture needs to be replaced. This is the right time. Exclusive deals on furniture are offered by companies at great and affordable prices. The Black Friday event is the best time when you are wondering to buy some furniture for your home or office. You do not get such a discount during the rest of the year so do not halt till January or February. Go on and You will not regret later.


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Things You Should Avoid Buying On Black Friday

  • iPhones: If you are expecting to buy an iPhone during the event, Please Do not. The retailers won’t slash their prices so down that you can grab an iPhone so easily. The deals on iPhones are not worth the money and you can spend this money on something worth purchasing.

Apple iPhone 8, Unlocked, 64GB - Space Gray (Renewed)
Apple Computer - Office Product

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Get more deals on iPhones.

  • Jewelry: The Best Black Friday deals won’t be best for jewelry Lovers. Do not buy until or unless you want to gift it to someone special or if you do not have any last resort. The prices on Jewellery won’t drop by 40 percent or something that makes you think it to become affordable. The stores do not offer any best Black Friday deals that make you happy-go-lucky.

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Get more deals on Jewelry.

  • Winter ClothingThe right time to buy winter clothes is when the season ends or during the summer. Wait for the season to end till January or February. It is the time when the stores want to get rid of high inventory and stock and they offer many discounts that they do during the Black-Friday. So, we advise you to go for winter shopping during February so you could save some bucks.

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Get more deals on Winter Clothing.

Black Friday 2019 – Refurbished, Used and Old items

Black Friday 2019 provides a huge discount on products yet sometimes it feels to be a bit expensive. Not everyone can purchase the product even after the discount. If the product you desired feels a bit expensive, we highly recommend you to for Refurbished items. Refurbished items are the previously owned items who glitches have been sorted out. The human tendency is that we feel like we are being offered an inferior product or like there must be some errors still alive in the product.

A plethora of Refurbished Products is listed on discount during Black Friday Sale 2019. You can find these products generally at a very low price. But there always remains a question of quality and Reliability. Refurbished items can be because of some minor glitches which have been rectified now and the seller is willing to sell the product again. There might be a case where Refurbished items include a product that never has been opened. Other times, it includes the product that has been opened but not used. It becomes quite troublesome to know the exact reason why the product was listed under Refurbished items.

Sometimes, the refurbished items feel like new and you will not be able to feel any difference and completely in contrast to being great. So when you are looking to buy something, we advise you to check the refurbished products as well and purchase it from a trusted store.

In the case of old products, people generally do not buy them because they feel their money is not worth spending on old products. Every year, companies bring new updates in their old product and release them as the new product by adding some minor features more into it. Ask yourselves, Are the new features released worth spending your money? If you do not feel it, it is better to go for old products.

Tips To Save Money During Black Friday 2019

Its the Big Black Friday Event and who does not want to save money?

Saving money is one thing every individual must concentrate on. It is not like you can not save money during the Black Friday Event. Get the most out of the Black Friday 2019 event and save money simultaneously. Some tips are enough to make your day a cheerful and delighted one. You can save money through the discounted gift cards.

Black Friday 2019 Hot Deals (Live deals with max. Off)

Exclusive deals and amazing offers with heavy discounts along with some saving is what every individual prioritizes. Here, we have brought you the best deals that promise to promote your saving while giving huge discounts at the same time. You will find plentiful offers that will surely steal your heart.

Black Friday Store Hours 2019

Walmart – 6 PM Thursday

BestBuy – 5 PM Thursday

Target – 6 PM Thursday

ToysRUs – 5 PM Thursday

Sears – 6 PM Thursday

Kmart – 6 PM Thursday

Kohls – 5 PM Thursday

JCPenney – 2 PM Thursday

Sams Club – 7 AM Friday

Home Depot – 6 AM Friday

See More Stores

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