Vitamix Black Friday 2024 Sale- Grab Excited Deals & Of Vitamix in this Black Friday

Vitamix Black Friday Deals 2024

Black Friday Vitamix Deals 2024 – We all want to make Pizza, Pastry, Smoothies at home but unfortunately, it is not possible if we don’t own a good Blender, this is the reason why we have written this article to make you aware of some fantastic Vitamix Black Friday 2024 Deals. If you looking to buy a great quality blender with high usability, follow this article till the end to know about Vitamix bargains.

Vitamix Black Friday Deals 2024

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Here we have encapsulated the Best Black Friday 2024 Deals for our readers under various categories. You can buy anything with Free Shipping from the below links. (*No Minimum Purchase required*)

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Vitamix Black Friday Deals 2024 Deals at Macy’s

Want to buy a mixer for this Black Friday 2024 Sale? Well, then we have confirmed the news that Macy’s will be releasing a 2-page ad where they are offering an extra $50 off all Vitamix blenders in stock. Doorbuster sale prices range from $299.99—$599.99 (they normally retail at $499.99—$929.99).

Also, there is free shipping which is included this year during the event on online orders of $49 or more. Macy stores open at 5:00 PM on Thanksgiving day and will remain open until 2:00 AM. All locations will reopen on Friday morning at 6:00 AM with the sale running through 1:00 PM in the early afternoon (or while supplies last).

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Following are some of the Best Vitamix Black Friday Deals Blenders to look for:

Vitamix 5300 Blender:

Vitamix 5300 Blender

It is one of the most powerful Vitamix Blenders available in the market. Although not the latest launch of Vitamix, it is inevitably powerful in comparison to other high-end blenders. It comes up with as powerful 2.2 horsepower motor which makes it enable to crush the toughest ingredients in seconds. While it is capable of Crushing the hardest ingredients, it does not show any sign of heating, thanks to the cool running motor inside it. Apart from the powerful specifications, it will be available at a discount of flat 24%. With the special offer on the Black Friday, this product is definitely one to look for.

Vitamix 7500 Blender:

Vitamix 7500 Blender

The Vitamix 7500 Blender is the part of G-series class of premium Vitamix Blenders. Like all other G-series blenders, it has a motor of 2.2 horsepower, but it is not as noisy as other products with the same power. Along with the motor, it also has a radial cooling fan and a thermal protection system. This product comes with aircraft-grade stainless steel blades having a diameter of 3 inches. It is one of the most versatile products of Vitamix and to keep the status of this product intact, Vitamix is offering a discount of $49 during the Black Friday Sale offers.

Vitamix Pro Series 750:

Vitamix Pro Series 750

It is one of the high range of products designed by Vitamix, has five pre-programmed settings that make it a versatile product. The settings allow the blender to blend, chop beat, liquefy, and heat ingredients. It comes with a 10-variable dial speed control that can help you adjust the speed of the blender according to the need. It has a self-cleaning option so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the machine. The blades used in it are made of hard, laser-cut, hammermill stainless steel and measures 4 inches in diameter. Now talking about the deal, Vitamix is offering a huge discount of $150 during the Vitamix Black Friday Deals Last Year.

Vitamix 6500:

Vitamix 6500, Offers, Coupon, Black Friday

This product comes with three pre-programmed settings for making smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. It has a 2.2 horsepower motor which makes it very powerful.  Blades used in it are 4 inches in diameter and are made of hammermill stainless steel blades. This blender comes up with 10 variable speed adjustable dial that controls the blend speed. It small in size so that it can be kept anywhere without the space problem. Vitamix is offering a discount of $179 on this product during the Last year’s Vitamix Black Friday  Deals.

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Where else I can find the Vitamix Blenders on sale on Black Friday?

Other than Amazon and Walmart you can find Vitamix blenders at Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma.

How much discount does Macy’s offer on Vitamix Blenders on Black Friday and do they provide free shipping?

Last year Macy’s Offered up to 50% off on all the Vitamix Blenders in stock. Also, Macy’s provided free shipping during the Black Friday event on web orders above a certain price.

Can I use hot ingredients in Vitamix containers?

Ascent Series blenders from Vitamix features a hot soups program setting that is capable of heating soups up to 170°F. So, putting ingredients hotter than 170°F in your container is not recommended.

Which material do Vitamix containers are made up of? Is it glass or plastic?

All Vitamix Containers and lids are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan. To put it differently, Tritan is a co-polyester plastic and it is not manufactured with BPA (Bisphenol A). Tritan is impact-resistant and lighter than glass making it easier to handle without fear of shattering.

Can I clean my Vitamix containers in the dishwasher?

Vitamix Containers are made up of Tritan making it dishwasher-safe. Tritan is tough and has exceptional dishwasher durability so you sanitize the containers in a dishwasher. Another way is to let the containers self-clean by blending a drop of dish soap with 1/3 of the jar of warm water for 35 seconds and press the self-wash cycle.

Will my old containers and tampers work with the new Ascent series blenders?

No, the new Ascent series blenders are designed with the latest Self-detect technology which means a compatible container needs to be properly placed for the blender to work. As far as tampers are concerned, if you have a tamper that is compatible with Vitamix G-Series or any 64-ounce low-profile container then you can use the same tamper. The old containers will not work with the new machine but the tampers remain the same.

By how many years can I extend the warranty of the Vitamix Blenders?

If your Vitamix Blender unit is still under its original warranty then you can get the original warranty extended by three years for any new or Certified Reconditioned blender in C-Series, G-Series, or Personal Series of Vitamix.

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