Black Friday Shopping Survey and Data Analysis of 2022

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Black Friday Shopping Survey: Every year, the arrival of Black Friday causes a stir in the atmosphere. The “no longer one-day event” sets an unprecedented record each year. Whether you talk about sales or revenue, the Black Friday deals manage to remain the talks among the shoppers. Although, last year’s Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals are over, here’s what we know so far.

Consumer’s Behaviour During Black Friday

While this year, 23rd November marked the celebration of Black Friday, the consumers did not wait till the arrival of the event. As November rolled out, about 70% of consumers started grabbing the deals. At the same time, the stores and dealers were not exceptions. Competing for the customer’s money, plenty of stores came out as a surprise by rolling out the deals in the initial days of the month.

What thrills the customers most is the huge discounts and the other fact that these deals appear once in a while or, in fact, once a year which is hard to revamp them once they are gone.

Online vs. Offline Shopping – The Battleground

If you have been familiar with the chaos of Black Friday deals which you can regard as “Battle of the strongest,” you would find online shopping a convenient and comfortable shopping experience. This was what we saw this year.

Most people or more than half of the shoppers tend to prefer online shopping, which definitely has revolutionized the perspective of Black Friday and set up a new trend.

  • Black Friday– According to Adobe Analytics, online shopping during Black Friday witnessed a sudden increase to 23.9% from the past year. While in terms of revenue generated, it was nearly about $6.22 billion in online sales.
  • Thanksgiving day- On the day of Thanksgiving, Online sales contributed $3.7 billion and created history by rising by 28% compared to last year’s analysis.
  • Cyber Monday-  A total of $7.9 billion in revenue was generated on Cyber Monday, which is about 19.3% higher than last year.

Best Selling items During Black Friday

While you would be hunting down deals on clothing and accessories, most shoppers are obsessed with the tech deals. Yeah, more than half of the shoppers get crazy once they glance at the tech deals.

shopping guide,black friday survey,shopping survey data

Gaming Consoles, SmartPhones, Apple’s iPads, MacBooks, TVs, laptops were the best-selling items during Black Friday. More than $2 billion was generated through the sales of Mobile phones.

Following the Tech deals, deals on clothing and accessories emerged to be the shoppers’ talk. Here’s the table portraying the contribution of shoppers in different categories:

Tech Deals 51%
Clothing & Accessories 22%
Toys 20%
Houseware 16%
Other 2%

Changing Trends Of Consumers – Black Friday Shopping Survey

  • Online shopping has subsided the past trend of standing in the long queue. People no longer wait outside the store, waiting for their turn.
  • There has been a sudden increase in the BOPIS orders. According to adobe analytics, the orders went up to 73 % in a single day. People have started loving the buy online- Pick in Store feature.
  • Mobile Devices have become shopper’s favorite tools to shop for their favorite products. The devices have contributed 54.3 % of the total traffic generated, which is about 18% high than last year.

Who Turned Out To Be The Winner During The Weekend?

Guess What? Who turned out to be the winner during this long weekend? Amazon! Disclosing the facts, the store revealed that it had the most significant day on Cyber Monday. The big brand also announced that it had sold over 180 million items during the span of 5 days.

Not providing us with exact figures, the store has left us in a state of astonishment and bewilderment. According to the store, it has generated revenue somewhere between $66.5 billion to $72.5 billion, and that’s quite unbelievable for sure.

How Social Media Boosted The Black Friday Sales?

Some of us would be answering that social media contributed a meager amount in generating the total revenue. There has been a growth in usage of Instagram to find out the deals. According to the information, the growth has risen to 73 percent, which is quite astonishing. Not only this, people are coming across deals on Pinterest and various other social media platforms.

This eventually resulted in their social media growth, thereby bringing traffic more than ever by 16% on Cyber Monday and up to 41% on Thanksgiving day.

shopping guide,black friday survey,shopping survey data

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Overall Analysis

In the coming year, these trends will set an unprecedented record. Every year, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals generate more revenue when combined together. Besides this, the involvement of more population during the event and the changing behavior of shoppers in favor of technology has turned out to be another responsible factor in contributing a massive amount to the revenue generated. What’s more interesting to know is that Black Friday is no longer a one-day event rather a five-day event, including Cyber Monday. We see nothing but the constant growth of Black Friday in the coming years. We will keep following the Black Friday Shopping event and bring you the Black Friday Shopping Survey every year.

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